Monday, February 10, 2014

Valentines Day Hair

It's almost Valentines day!  Do you have plans?  Bob is planning a date for us but I want to get a few things together for the kids.  They seem to be the ones who get the most excited for holidays anyway.  We are making fun Twinkie/minion valentines for Tucker's and Penelope's classes.  They are pretty easy and say "Your One in a Minion!"  There are lots of tutorials for that on pinterest if you are interested.  We need to make about 30 so I should get busy with that.  I got my husband a present but then I remembered that I got him something he already has.  So I guess I'm just going to give it to him anyway and he will have two.  I also want to put together some fun valentine food for the kids.  Time for me to get on pinterest!

Anyway, I want to repost a couple heart hair styles for you or your little girls.

First are these cute heart pigtails.  Go here for the tutorial and video.

This next one is definitely harder but also cute.  Go here for the french braid heart hair tutorial.
I might do one of these for Penelope this year... or maybe I'll try to come up with something new.

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Rachel Kaylynn said...

great ideas - going to the try the pigtails on my little girl.