Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Floor Hockey

On Thursday nights I've been meeting with ladies from church to play floor hockey.  It started about a month ago and this is my first year playing.  I love it!  I'll have to admit I'm far from the best player.  But I'm always sweating when I'm done (partially because sometimes the heat is on) and I have a blast.
Before I started I was a little intimidated to go.  I always seemed to be pregnant or have a baby and kind of used that as an excuse.  Everyone always talks about the bruises they get and how mean and intense some of the women are.  That hasn't been my experience at all.    Yes, I got several bruises but not from people hitting me with their hockey stick.  All of them have been from getting hit with the ball.  And I did break my stick, but no one got hurt in the process.

Tomorrow is one of the last floor hockey nights before they start basketball so I wanted to blog about it before it ended.

Last week was the first time I tried out the face mask.  I felt much more confident while being the goalie with it on.

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