Thursday, February 27, 2014


The kids have been begging to go to the local skate rink so we took them last Saturday.
Things didn't go quite how I expected.  First it cost around $25 which I thought was really expensive for an hour and half of skating.  Then we had such different skating abilities in our family we just had to split up the entire time and it didn't really feel like we were spending time together like I wanted.  Plus Penelope and Scarlett wanted to be done after about half an hour.  Oh well.  I'm glad we went.  It isn't like we had a bad time.  Just not great.
The girls did really well on the skates.  It was both of their first times and they barely fell down at all.  I think Penelope fell two or three times and she did most of it without holding hands.  Scarlett held on the entire time and went very slow.  There was no crying from either even after falling down so I was pretty happy about that.
Pushing the stroller was apparently really fun.  Who knew?  Scarlett really pushed most of the time.
Tucker was a maniac trying to do crazy skate moves the entire time.  He by far fell the most, but only because he was jumping around and twisting his feet all weird.  It was funny and he enjoyed it.

This first video is of Penelope.  Sorry it is so dark.

I'm not the hugest fan of this song but their dancing was too funny not to take a video.  And go ahead and ignore me yelling at tucker at the end.  He just couldn't hear me over the music.

This last one is really hard to see, but I will just tell you it is Scarlett pushing Leon in the stroller, Penelope is holding on to it and at the very end you can see Bob and Tucker up in front.

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