Thursday, March 6, 2014

Bike Expo 2014

Last Saturday we made the hour and a half drive to Seattle for the annual Bike expo.  Tucker was way to excited for it.  Last year Bob and the kids went without me.  I stayed in town and went to a Women's Conference.  It was also the day Leon was almost born.  Because I missed it before I was just a little bit curious.

It was basically tons of vendors selling various bike stuff.  I don't think Bob ended up buying anything but he did enjoy looking.  And we got more then our fare share of flyers and pieces of candy from the booths.  In fact Cliff was handing out granola bars and we made sure to stop by their both several times.  It kept the kids happy.

I'm not sure what this particular booth was for.  I took Penelope to the bathroom and when we came back Tucker was time traveling.
They even had a fog machine going.  They told him he traveled one minute into the future.  He thought it was the coolest thing ever.
This was like my fifth attempt to get a picture of all the kids looking.
Bob really liked these wood bikes.  I guess they sell for about 4 thousand dollars.
I didn't get a picture of it but they did have some really neat bikes for families.  I saw this one with a cool bench on the back of it meant to hold three kids.  Then there was a baby seat on the front.  It was perfect for us... minus the price tag.

There was one booth I was interested in.  A bike lawyer had a booth set up.  He represents bicycle riders after they get hit by cars.  I kind of have a love hate thing going on with Bob riding his bike to work every day.  I want to support him because he loves it and it is a really healthy thing to do.  But on the other hand I just get scared that one day he isn't going to come home and I'm going to get a call about how he got hit by a car.  It just happened to someone in our ward a couple months ago.  He is ok now but he was in the hospital for a couple of days.  I hope Bob never gets hurt, but our town is not the most bike friendly.  So there will always be that possibility.  At least now I will be prepared with a lawyer to call if something happens.

My favorite part was watching the bike artistry.  Three people came out on bikes and did some really crazy cool tricks.
The video is of their intro.  I kinda wish we got a video later because their tricks got way more spectacular toward the end of the performance.  Check it out.

After the expo we drove over to the Freemont Troll  under the bridge.  It is always a fun stop for the kids, although this time we were freezing.  Tucker kept telling everyone not to look into the eye.  Apparently if you look into the trolls eye you will have bad dreams.  it was funny watching him walk around making sure not to turn his head toward the eye.
I love little day trips with my family!


The Swift said...

I am glad now you have a lawyer you could call :)

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