Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Games to play at a one year old birthday Party

Some family came over on Sunday to celebrate Leon's birthday.  I really wanted to plan some fun games for the grown ups to play at the party.  And, because it is a one-year-old party I wanted the games to be all about the baby.  Here is what I came up with.

1.  Baby Quiz: I came up with several questions all about Leon.  Some were easy and some where hard.

-What is his birthday? (believe it or not no one got that one right) (answer: March 19th)
-What hospital was he born in? (answer: Harrison)
-Eye color?
-Current weight? (for this one I passed Leon around so everyone could hold him and get a better feel) (answer: 22.8 lbs)
-Birth weight? (answer: 9.6 lbs
-Favorite color? (We laid out several sheets of construction paper and said whichever one he grabbed represented his favorite color) (answer: green)
-First Word? (answer: trick question he doesn't have any words yet)

2. Art Contest: For this game I gave everyone a sheet of paper and told them to draw Leon.  Then without warning after thirty seconds I made everyone switch.  We continued on until you got your own paper back.  The end results can be funny.

3. Cheerio Guess:  For this one fill a jar with your babies favorite cereal and have everyone guess how many are in it.  Our jar of Cheerios had 502 1/2.

4. Occupation Predictor:  Lay out several items that could represent future jobs and see which one your baby goes to.  We did band aids (doctor), dollar bill (economist, business man, anything with money), mixing spoon (chef), football (athlete), paintbrush (artist), and pencil (writer).  Leon was funny on this because he crawled right over all of the items and we had to get him to go back and pick one.  When he went back he went for the football, then the bandaids.  We joked that he will be an athlete until he gets injured in high school and then go to medical school and become a doctor.  We will see.

5. My last one isn't really a game but it is one of my favorites.  I played a video with clips and pictures of his life.  It was cute.  

Then we did presents and cake and ice cream.

Thanks to everyone who came and Happy Birthday Leon!

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Mary-Anne said...

Sounds fun!! Wish we could have come! :)