Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Leon's Birthday

Today my baby turns one!  I can hardly believe it!  It took some adjusting getting used to having a family of six but now it is hard to remember what it was like to not have four kids.

On Saturday we did a little photo shoot with Leon.  I had been planing int for a few weeks now and it seemed like everything went wrong.  The weather wasn't cooperating, we couldn't find our helium for the balloon, then the one and only balloon floated away while we were trying to take pictures.  And lastly Leon pooped all over his outfit that I made just for the pictures.  It was totally stressful. Regardless of that, I am happy with the pictures.  Here are just a few we took and tomorrow I'll post more.

The first one is my favorite!  

Leon is such a sweet little guy.  He is just so happy all the time it is hard to be upset around him.  I love how he cheers everyone up.  He is getting a little better about going to strangers.  He does get upset but I think it is on the mild side.  The kids like to wrestle around with me and bob all the time and it is so cute because any time I play like that Leon gets upset and crawls over and tries to lay on me.  It kind of seems like he is trying to protect me.  Bob thinks he just doesn't want me to hold the other kids and not him.  I guess we will never know.

One thing I've noticed about Leon over the past month is that he drools quite a bit.  Definitely more than my other kids.  I'm pretty sure it is because he never closes his mouth.  He is always smiling and when he isn't he usually still has his mouth open.

I haven't noticed any discernible words from him yet, but I'm not worried about it he is still young.

Leon can now stand up.  He can pull himself up onto things and let go and he can also just stand up on his own without pulling up onto anything.  He will stand up and then look around and wait for me to cheer for him.  Then he smiles and starts clapping.  He knows he is doing something that I think it cool and wants me to react every time.  It is funny.  I really wanted him to walk for his birthday but he isn't quite there.  I've seen him take a couple steps before but not much and I wouldn't consider it walking.  He is sooooo close though.  For sure he will be walking by the end of the month.

Maybe I shouldn't say that he doesn't walk.  He loves to walk while holding hands or pushing his walker.  It is probably one of his favorite things to do.  But every time I let go he just sits down.

Leon now has ten teeth and he love to use them!  We have been giving him a lot more food food over the past few weeks and he loves it.  I even give him regular cereal in a bowl with a little bit of milk in it just like the other kids.  I think he likes that he is getting the same stuff as everyone else.  It only takes him a few minutes to dump it out onto the floor.  Sometimes only a couple seconds.  I also started mixing whole milk into his formula to get him ready for that transition.  He can do a sippy cup but is much better at the bottle.  I have a hard time getting him to focus on drinking and not playing with the sippy cup.
I did a cake smash photo shoot with him after his nap time.  More pictures tomorrow, but for now check out the cake.
To see newborn pictures of Leon go here or here or here.


Mary-Anne said...

Happy Birthday Leon!! He's so cute!

Sofia Donatelli said...

Happy Birthday Leon! God bless you and guide you always.

Hope you have a wonderful day.

Gayle Daly said...

Leon is adorable and I love all that you share. Your posts always bring smiles to my face. Continue on Doranda - you are an awesome Mom, Wife and woman.

DerrK said...

Those photos are super cute! The cake is marvelous (like always). I like the cake stand....where'd you get it? ;-)