Friday, March 28, 2014

My Neighbor

So I'm really hoping that my neighbor doesn't read this blog.  I would actually be surprised if he knew my first name and shocked if he knew my last name so I think my chances are pretty good.  For a while now Bob and I have suspected he is a drug dealer.  We mainly think that because of the tons of shady looking people that are going in and out of his house all day and it gets even busier all night.  We see all kinds of cars over there and people usually stay about five to ten minutes before leaving.  I even see lots of people walk to his house.  It isn't like we live in a bad neighborhood.  I actually really like our neighborhood and think it is pretty nice.  It is just my one neighbor right next door.  He has only lived there a couple years now and I know his mom actually bought the house.  But I have talked with him a few times and he seems to be a nice enough guy so we just do the neighborly wave when we see each other outside and that is about it.

Enough back story.  I woke up at 5:45 in the morning because cops were outside shouting to come out into a megaphone thing.  I couldn't really understand so I looked out my bathroom window and this is what I saw.
The pictures don't really show but there were four cop cars and lots of cops.  The must have just been getting started because I saw them fan out around the house.  It was a little scary because I had no idea what was going on.  There were detectives in the usual uniform (with their bullet proof vests on of course) and then there was these SWAT type cops to in full gear.  One even had a giant shield like you see on tv.
I watched them for about an hour and they went in and out of the house.  The looked in the car windows but never went in.  I never saw my neighbor come out of the house and I never saw the police bringing stuff out either.  I called the police to figure out what was going on and aside from being really rude they wouldn't really tell me anything.  Except that the Special Operations Group was executing a warrant.  At one point I saw 7 cops but I think there were more in the house.

The last cop left a little before 9am.  Later that day is when things got busy.  First you should know that my neighbor drives a truck.  A different neighbor saw him put things into the truck and it was gone for a few days.  It wasn't there on the day the cops came.  But three other cars were.  There are always random cars there so that was pretty normal.  But later that day tons of people were coming over and they were cleaning out the cars.  Then when I woke up the next morning everything was gone.  All of the cars.  I thought maybe they cleaned up shop and left.  But on the third day my neighbor was back with his truck.  There hasn't been lots of strange cars going over there all the time anymore.  
So basically I am keeping an eye on things.  And I don't let my kids go out front without me or Bob, ever.  I still have no idea what exactly is going on, I can only guess at this point.


Mary-Anne said...

Uh....yikes!!! That's scary!

P. said...

That's scary stuff! After watching Breaking Bad, I'd say that you're probably right, the guy might have been involved in drugs. Yikes!

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