Thursday, April 10, 2014

New Trampoline

Shortly after we moved to our house I bought a trampoline for $50 off of craigslist.  We used it a ton even though it didn't have a net but recently it started to loose some of its bounce.  I would jump on others trampolines and they would feel super bouncy compared to ours.  I'm not sure if it is because our trampoline had elastic bands instead of springs or not.  So at the end of last summer after about 5 years of use I sold it for $50 and on black friday we bought this new one that came with the net for about $170.  We used the last one so much I knew we would get our moneys worth.
Here Bob and tucker are putting the trampoline up.  Penelope and Scarlett wouldn't help because Lola was running around and they were kinda scared of her.
I have to say even though the net detracts from the pictures I really like having it.  Our kids never got hurt on our trampoline before but every time they got close to the edge my heart would skip a beat.  Now I don't have to stress about it.  Plus we like to play a game called "dead man" and when you are it you need to close your eyes.  It works much better with a net.  I'm like the worst one at it because I think I'm the only one who actually closes eyes.  Tucker claims he has x-ray vision.

I had to make sure I can still do a flip and land on my feet.  It was kinda funny because I usually can only do a couple before I get too tired and then I just can't make it anymore.  So I had the camera all set up to video my first attempt.  I must have been feeling a little too confident with the net because I flipped once and a half and smacked right into the side of it.  I have never fallen off the trampoline, that I can remember.  So I just thought it was funny that my first try with a net I totally needed it.  The video is of my second attempt.
The next is Tucker jumping around.  He totally hurt his neck at the end.  I know that doing flips arent the safest thing but I think they are so fun I just can't bring myself to tell him he isn't allowed.
Scarlett loves the trampoline and is pretty fearless.  She also could care less about the rules to the games Tucker and Penelope try to play. 
Penelope has gotten much more confident on the trampoline.

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