Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Dog Sitting

Over spring break we dog sat for a friend.  I thought the kids would really like it.  But they didn't exactly love it.  The dog we watched is still a puppy and even though she is small she does jump up a lot ant that really scared Penelope and Scarlett.  It was like they feard for their life whenever they were in the same room as Lola.  So that made the week a littlel difficult for me.  Other than that, and the fact that Lola isn't potty trained it went really well.  Tucker did love it and played with her a lot.  It gave my kids a chance to see what things would be like if we had a dog, without actually having one.

I still think I might want a dog someday.  Probably a big dog, one that is really kid friendly and low maintenance.   But I do want to wait until my kids are a little older so they can do most of the work.

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DerrK said...

I don't think any dog is low maintenance. ;)