Thursday, April 17, 2014


Tucker and Bob started t-ball a couple weeks ago.  Bob and I both played when we were kids and we want our kids to play too.  At least one year.  It is kind of a lot of time and money for me and Bob so if they don't want to continue we aren't going to push it.  Next year he will be old enough for coach pitch so this was kind of our last chance for t-ball.  So far Tucker really likes it.
Bob got roped into being the coach so I haven't been to many practices.  They end just past the kids bedtime and when I go I end up watching Penelope, Scarlett, and Leon the entire time anyway.  It would be nice to have Bob on the sidelines to watch and help with the kids. But they had no coach and because Bob volunteered to be an assistant they asked him to be the actual coach.  I think he enjoys it.  He has never done it before so I know he stresses about it a little bit.
Penelope and Scarlett love going to "watch Tucker."  I don't think they ever actaully watch Tucker but just play outside.
Tucker acts a little crazy out on the field.  He is the kid running around not listening to the coach.  I think it is partly because that is his personality, partly because he has no idea what he is doing out there and partly because his dad is the coach.  We are working on it with him.  And I think by the end of the season he will be doing much better.
Even though I don't love everything about t-ball I am thankful we have the ability to let our kids play.

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