Friday, April 18, 2014

1920 Singer Sewing Machine

Every year our town Rotary club has a rummage sale.  It is pretty much a big garage sale that a bunch of people donated to.  We try to go every year but ours is pretty small time compared to the Bainbridge island one.  So this year I slept in until 7:40 and it started at 8.  Opps.  It is only a couple blocks away so I put some clothes on ate a quick breakfast and made it just after 8.  I didn't find much in the main area but we walked through a dedicated furniture room and found this beauty.
I was so excited when I saw it and best thing it was only marked $10.  I'm pretty sure whomever marked it just thought it was a night stand.  But I suspected right away it was more because of the double top.  And I was right check it out.
It is a 1920 Singer Sewing Machine and the original table and owners manual.  Plus it totally works!  It even had thread all hooked up and a seem ripper in the drawer.  I think some was actually using it to sew with.  Probably someone's grandma died and they donated her stuff to the sale.  Two times I had to ask for help to move it (these things are heavy) and the worker was shocked at how much it weighed. They also had no idea there was a secret iron sewing machine inside.
I probably could have bargained them down to $8 but I figure $10 was already a steal.  On ebay they are selling for about $100-$300.  I am going to keep it though.  For now it will sit in our garage but once we have some more space I'm thinking about painting it and using it as a table in our house.


Rachel Kaylynn said...

What a fabulous find! $10 is a steal. Are you going to the desk it's originally wood or do you have plans to paint?

DerrK said...

That's awesome!

Jacquelyn said...

"seam" ripper. I acctually learned how to sew on one just like that and made a lot of clothes.