Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Tulip Festival

We finally made it to the tulip festival.  I've been wanting to go for a few years not never have because it is over a two hour drive.  This year we decided to go anyway.  We got to ride the ferry and the kids loved it.  That is once they got on.  Penelope didn't remember ever being on a ferry before (she has) and she was scared to death.  She just thought driving the car onto a boat was the scariest thing imaginable.  While we were in the car waiting to board she kept asking questions about what if we slip off.  And she kept saying that she didn't want to go on.  She can be very dramatic.  Once we were on she was fine.  In fact the kids all loved it.  It was probably the highlight of the trip for them.  Seriously.
Once we got there the tulips were beautiful.  And the weather was too.  The traffic wasn't though :(  In fact it was so bad Bob said he never wants to go again.  I think we were in the car for over 9 hours!  It was insane.  If we ever go again it will have to be during the week and not on a sunny day.  

There were several artists lined up painting this field.  I love that.  I could see myself leaving for "work" to go stand in a field of flowers and paint all day.  Ok, I would probably only last a couple hours max, and I would never make any money off my paintings.  But the idea of it is nice.
Leon did amazingly well considering he was in his carseat all day.  And he loves riding on Bobs shoulders.  Which was a surprise to me because the girls thought it was scary.
A nice stranger took this picture for us.  I didn't even ask she just came up and offered.  She even had her friends block people off from getting in the way.  Thank you, it probably wouldn't have turned out without you.
As you can probably imagine I have more pictures.  Check back tomorrow for more!

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