Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Book Float Parade and Reading Olympics

During the month of March Tucker's school does reading olympics and in oder to receive a gold medal you have to read about 45 minutes a day everyday in March.  It is definitely a challenge for Tucker but he did it and I am happy for him.  There were several days when he told me he didn't want to do reading and so I told him fine but if you don't you will not earn the medal.  He always decided to do the reading.  He really wanted a gold medal!

Last week to celebrate they had a book float parade.  Each class picked a book and created a float and they paraded around the school.  Scarlett, Leon and I came to watch.
Scarlett was especially excited to go to Tucker's school.  She ran up and gave him a hug when he walked by.
Tucker's class read a book about Christian the Lion.  It is a true story about people who raised a lion and then set him free into the wild.  When they came back to see the lion he still rememberd them.  Chekc out what happened.
Can you spot Tucker?  The entire school read about 499,000 minutes and next year their goal is to get over half a million.  I personally love to read and hope that my kids will too.

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