Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter Egg Hunt

We went to three community Easter egg hunts over the past few weeks and this one at Lions park was my favorite.  The weather was great, not that anyone could help that, and our kids got an ok amount of candy.  Not a ton but more than just a couple.  Plus they had the age groups separated.  We did one that has four and under all combined.  So you can imagine how many eggs Leon or Scarlett were able to grab before the older kids knocked them down.
I also liked it because this park has a cute little playground that we don't go to very often.  The kids enjoyed it while we waited.

I know this next picture is horribly out of focus.  I know Tucker would want me to share anyway.

I always think it is crazy how short these hunts last.  I'm pretty sure all the eggs were gone in under a minute if not 30 seconds.  Thanks to everyone who worked on these hunts!
The also had cute little activities and games.  They even had a lunch that smelled really good but we had to head out before we could try it.
Penelope and Scarlett got butterflies and Tucker got a spider.

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