Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Pictures

I decided to wait on the tulip pictures and get all my Easter posting done first.  For Easter Sunday this year we did things a little different.  We didn't do a traditional Easter egg hunt.  Instead we went to several Easter egg hunts before hand on Saturday and even the week before and we saved Sunday for more spiritual things.  We did a Easter egg hunt with 13 eggs and in each one had an item and scripture inside that talked about the Savior.  It went really well.  The kids didn't even complain about not doing a hunt.

Before church we took some pictures of the kids.  I even got one of everyone looking!  A friend said it was an Easter miracle and I have to agree.  They only posed for this group one for about 3 minutes.

I'm so lucky to have four adorable kids!

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KCO said...

Your kids are certainly adorable! Leon and Scarlett have grown fast. I particularly love Penelope's dress and wish it came in an adult size!