Wednesday, May 7, 2014

First Grade Performance

Last week the first graders did their end of the year music performance.  Tucker did a great job and I am really happy for him.  I know he worked hard trying to memorize the songs and the motions for each one.  A few of the kids had a speaking part and Tucker was sad that he didn't get to do one.  I'm sure he would have done great if he got to though.  He also got a little nervous which surprised me because he has never expressed any nerves for getting up in public before.  But I mean a little, once we got in the building he was dying to get back to his classroom to line up and get ready.

The only sad part was that even though we were there 35 minutes early it was a little hard to see Tucker.  That is just the way it goes with so many people.  Even if we would have been in the front row I think half his face would have been covered by the child in front of him.

We took a few pictures afterward.  He insisted on wearing this shirt because that is what he said other people would dress like.  The parents were told to dress them like they would for picture day.  Well, I let Tucker wear whatever he wanted for picture day because I knew I wasn't going to buy them so I guess it was good I let him wear the shirt he wanted.  I do like that shirt anyway.

These next pictures are of Tucker and his best friend Noah.


Sofia Donatelli said...

This video is adorable.

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Nicole said...

So fun to happen upon your blog. Your family is beautiful and I am so glad that Eliza has had a chance to get to know Penelope this year at preschool.

april said...

so cute..i enjoy reading this post