Thursday, May 8, 2014

Happy Birthday Scarlett

On Tuesday Scarlett turned three!  She has gotten so big it is amazing.  About a week before her birthday she kept holding up three fingers and telling me she was "this many."  I don't think she wanted to wait for her birthday.  Most of her friends are already three so she decided she was "that many" too.  And that is fine with me because this last year she really gave me a run for my money.
Scarlett is constantly into everything and making huge messes.  If I leave her in my room for even five minutes she will have my make up all over her and the rest of the bathroom.  I think a lot of that has to do with her age.  She is exploring and figuring out the world her own way.  We can never leave any candy or treats out because she will eat them.  It doesn't matter if we tell her not to, she will just wait until we aren't looking and then eat them anyway.  It is almost funny to watch her when she is trying to get something.  She will just stand by it and watch us waiting for me and bob to leave the room... like we don't know what she is up to.
Scarlett can also be very defiant and she always insists on doing things herself.  Like today I knew she would need help opening a package so I tried to help her but she grabbed it away and said "I do it!"  Then she tried for about 10 seconds and then said "mom do it."  We had to switch her door handle around in her room because she would just not stay in at night.  I know it sounds bad, but now we lock her in when it is bed time, and then unlock it when we go to bed after she has fallen asleep.
Scarlett is potty trained and has been for some time now.  She even goes on her own without me reminding her sometimes.  One thing we are working on is going in public places.  I can't get her to for the life of me go somewhere she isn't used to.  Other people homes she usually wont go, but sometimes will.  If it is a store or port-a-potty you can forget it.  She will hold it all day and make me so nervous before she will pee in one of those things.  Its not like she won't go in them.  She always asks to go potty places then sits on the potty and says she is all done about one second later.
Scarlett really likes her clothes.  Specifically skirts and dresses which she calls "princess" clothes.  She literally will change five times a day if I let her.  It drives me crazy because she makes a big mess and is always wearing something random.  Like I will help her get dressed in the morning.  I'll even let her pick what she wants.  Then I will get Leon and myself ready and we start to get shoes on but I look at Scarlett and she is wearing nothing but a swimsuit on backwards.  I eventually got a baby lock and have locked her dresser.  So every morning I help her pick out something and then I lock it up.  It sort of works.  She kind of just moved on to taking clothes out of the dirty clothes basket or Penelope's dresser.
One thing I love about Scarlett is how self sufficient she is.  Like I said earlier she is always insisting on doing things herself.  Which is great when she can actually do them.  She is always surprising me with what she can do.  Often times I will see Scarlett do something on her own and then Penelope will complain that she can't do that very same thing.  That has become a small rule of mine.  If Scarlett can do it then Penelope can do it to do.  It isn't that Penelope isn't capable she just tries to have me do absolutely everything for her.
Scarlett, like so many little girls, loves Frozen.  She sings the songs all day and it is just funny because she gets them all wrong.  She will be like "Don't let it go! Don't let it go! BE THE GOOD GIRL!"  or one of my favorites is when she screams at the top of her lungs "OPEN UP THE GATE!"

She plays really well with Leon.  I see her hugging him or tickling him and it is really cute.  She also plays a lot with Tucker and Penelope but it doesn't always go well because often she refuses to play how they want her to.  Scarlett is so much fun I can't imagine our family without her.  

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