Thursday, May 15, 2014

Saturday Update

Last Saturday we had a lot going on.  Well, it wasn't exactly a lot, but just more than one thing I needed to be at at the same time.  For the month of April our stake primary has been working on a special prayer challenge.  The kids all had charts to check off each day they prayed and also one special thing they were supposed to do each week.  Such as to pray out loud or to pray and see if the Book of Mormon is true.  Tucker and Penelope did great all month long and last week they had a little party to celebrate.  Unfortunately it was at the same time as Tucker's t-ball game.

So Penelope Scarlett, Leon and I all went to the primary party.  There were other leaders there and they said it was fine to leave your kids and come back in two hours to get them.  The leaders said it was fine, Penelope did not think it was fine.  There was tons of people, most she didn't know an understandably she didn't want me to leave.  After getting her settled she found a friend and a kind leader whom she knew offered to help her so I could leave.  At about 10:30 Scarlett, Leon and I drove over to Tucker's T-ball game.
We missed the first inning but did get there just in time to watch Tucker bat. We stayed for about an hour and headed back over to see how Penelope was doing.
She was fine.  She probably did even better because I wasn't there for her to cling to.  And they were making prayer rocks.  It was cute and I think she really liked it.  Scarlett even got to jump in and make one.
So it wan't horribly crazy the hardest part was at the end of the primary thing they had food and we waited for about 30 minutes and then I had to help Penelope and Scarlett fill their plates while holding Leon as he was trying to eat my piece of cake.  I just wonder what I am going to do when all four kids are older and have things going on at the same time.  A lot of moms do it so I guess I'll just figure it out when the time comes.

Or maybe just more mom's nights...
I went out with a mom friend and watched Mom's Night Out.  Have you seen it?  It was funny and cute and pretty cheesy/unrealistic.  I liked it.  Fun fact, that was the first time I can recal going to a movie without Bob since we met.  

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Mary-Anne said...

I haven't even heard of that movie! Looks funny. I'll have to get some girlfriends together and go. I can't believe that's the first time you've gone to a movie without Bob! I go to more movies without Nathanael than with him! ;)