Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Foaming Paint Tutorial

The kids saw me painting the rose picture and wanted to paint too.  So instead of regular paint I made some foaming or exploding paint for them.  It was so easy and they loved it.  The best part was that I already had everything.

Materials needed:
Baking Soda
Food Dye
Spray bottle

I used a muffin pan to mix the paints into.  I don't have an exact recipe.  Just fill up each spot to 1/3 to half way full of water, depending on how much paint you want.  Then do equal amounts of flour and baking soda in each one.  I probably did about 1 tablespoon each.  Then a couple drops of food coloring.  It makes a puffy kind of paint for the kids to work with.  Then once they are done they get to do the fun part.  Spray their pictures with vinegar (I actually filled the spray bottle with half vinegar half water) and viola they foam up.

The more paint you put in one spot the more they foam.  So make sure you are generous with the paint in you picture.

Once all the kids made several pictures I let them spray the remaining paint.  This was probably their favorite part.
Our best paintings are on the top row of the wall.
I took nice pictures of the kids paintings but accidentally threw most of them away and deleted the pictures off my camera.  Oops.  Later after I realized my mistake I quickly took this picture with Tucker of the only two we had left.

The pictures didn't stay foamy, but I knew they wouldn't.  I just let them dry and hung them up.  If you spray too much vinegar than the paper turns yellow so beware of that.

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