Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Fire Safety Day

We had quite a few things to do on Saturday and most of them were going on in the morning so we ended up rushing around.  I thought about skipping the kids day put on by our fire station but my kids really wanted to go.  Penelope kept seeing the sign advertising it.  Every time we drove by the fire station she would ask if we could go.

At the event there is a big building where tons of people set up booths, mostly safety related.  The kids get these "passports" that get stamped.  If they get a stamp from each booth they get to pick a prize.  Plus the booths have candy so the kids love it!  Outside they also have fun bounce houses and different fire trucks to look at, even a helicopter.  We only had an hour so we let the kids pick what they wanted to do.  I voted for the fun outside stuff but everyone else wanted to walk around the building.  So we went form booth to booth and then had ten minutes to do the outside stuff.
This was a cute little fire engine robot... or maybe it would be considered a remote control car.  I'm not exactly sure the difference in this case.  There was a guy controlling it. It could roll around flash its lights, blink and even talk.  Very fun.
Tucker was the only one who wanted to go down the slide.  The rest of us quickly ate hot dogs and watched.  I went down with Scarlett one time but once we got to the top she got scared and wanted to go back down the stairs.  I made her go down, but just the one time.
The kids all got sunglasses from one of the booths and were loving them.  I took this picture right before we went into the pretend house and put out a pretend fire.  It was in the oven.  I was reminded to never open the oven if that happens and practiced using a fire extinguisher.  The kids were scared of the fake smoke so they stood in the hall and watched, while the firefighter went over how to crawl if there is a fire.

I wish we could have stayed twice as long, but we needed to head over to Tucker's last t-ball game.

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