Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Frozen's Elsa Braid Tutorial

At first I felt a little silly doing a tutorial on a french braid but my girls are always asking for "Frozen hair,"  so I thought why not?  Elsa's braid from the movie frozen it basically just a loose french braid with lots of teasing on top.  The day I did my hair like this for the tutorial I went to my sons first grade class and several of the girls commented that I had hair like Elsa.  It's funny to me because a year ago everyone just called it a french braid.  Anyway, below is the tutorial and step by step instructions.

Watch the video to see how I did it.

1) Tease your hair!  And use hair spray. Elsa's hair is huge on top, so this is a must.
2) Use bump its to keep it looking big throughout the day.
3) Start a loose french braid just above the ears.
4) Once all your hair is added pull it over your shoulder to the front and continue the braid.  Use Hair spray to give your hair texture.
5) Put a rubber band on it.
6) Gently pull on the braid to make it look thicker.

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Talitha said...

CUTE! I'm glad you posted a pic!