Thursday, June 26, 2014

Fun in the Sun

With warm weather just around the corner I wanted to make a post of my favorite summer essentials.

The first has got to be Jamberry NAILS. If you haven't heard they are amazing nail stickers that stay on so much easier than polish.  I don't paint my finger nails very often because they chip off so quickly and then I just feel like a teenager with chipped nails.  But these stickers stay on better than you would think and they have way cooler designs than I could ever paint anyway.  I love bright colors for summer and these are perfect!

Second I want to talk about these adorable hooded towels I love and found on this site.  Whenever I try to wrap my younger children up in a towel they always drop it and start crying.  Its hard for them to hold it both up off the ground and wrapped around themselves.  Having the hood makes things so much easier.

Third has got to be this Lounge chair cover I also found here.  I have to admit I haven't actually used these before but when I saw these I thought they were the most genius idea.  Not only do they save you from laying on sometimes very dirty chairs, they are perfect for saving your spot.  And they prevent those weird lines some chairs leave on your back.

Now I know I've posted it before but I still love my Swimsuit cover up.  It is very light weight and super cute.  Plus it is a wrap that can be laid out and double as a towel to lay on, not to mention that is is cheap and so easy to make.
Can you tell I'm excited for summer?

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