Friday, July 18, 2014

Not Again

Scarlett somehow found a pair of scissors that I didn't know were out (I thought I took them all away) and cut her hair again!  This time the top and front!  In case you forgot a few months ago Penelope chopped Scarlett's pretty curls off making her have a short bob.  Then once again Scarlett took a small chunk out of the side (not noticeable).  So of course this time she goes for the top!
You can't tell very well from the pictures but the top ranges from a half inch to two inches.  And she is missing hair on her left side.  It almost looks like it is tucked behind her ear but nope, it is just gone.
So aside from cutting it all very short to match there isn't much I can do.  We are just going to wait it out.  Hopefully by the time she is four she will have decent hair.
She might just have to wear a headband everyday.

Unfortunately she lost this headband the same day I took these pictures so we will be searing the house for it.

Somedays with her it just feels like she is trying to drive me crazy!


Katrina Crouch said...

Aw! It must be a red-head thing. My brother and sister did the same thing to each other (both are red-headed) and my mom burst into tears when she saw Sienna's (my sister) short little spikes poking out the top of her head.

Thankfully, hair grows back and there were no pokes in the eye!

(here is my sissy-red today::

Mary-Anne said...

Oh my gosh! I would have been irate. Good thing it grows back. The headband thing is a good idea!

Linda said...

The headband was darling. But I know how you feel. I had one like that too, but he turned out pretty well and with all his hair! :-}

Sarah said...

Yikes rough day! This reminds me I need to give my kids the lecture on who is allowed to cut their hair....