Monday, August 4, 2014

Birds Nest

We have a security camera by our front door.  It is in plane view so it's no secret we have it.  I figure the camera itself will probably stop some criminals so why hide it right?  The reason i got it is so I can see who is at my front door without opening it.  The peep whole just wasn't cutting it for me.

Anyway, I noticed this little bird kept perching itself on top of it.  Then a couple days later I noticed it started making a nest.  Check it out.
Now it looks like we tried to camouflage it.  I think the bird gave up because I stopped seeing it and then about a week later I found this behind a bush next to our fence.
It is so amazing how perfectly smooth the inside of the nest is.  I don't think I've ever seen one that close before.  We were careful not to touch it, I didn't want to scare the bird.  I also am not showing Scarlett it because I know she won't be able to stop herself from getting it.


Talitha said...

Wow, thats quite the nest to not even use it! I can't believe he/she gathered all that stuff!

Diana DeGzz said...

That is so cool!

[stopping over via a post linking to your site]