Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Colorado Trip

Back in June I went on my first ever business trip and flew to Colorado to take pictures at a family reunion.  I left for the airport at 5 am that morning and got back just before midnight that same night.  It was strange that I flew out and back in the same day.  I had to check in online for my return flight the night before I even left home.  I have never done anything like that before.  Actually it was very different than how I am used to flying, and that is with kids screaming and climbing all over me.  Not to mention I usually have tons of bags to carry around, because kids just have so much stuff, and this time I didn't even have one bag.  I just brought my new camera bag that doubles as a purse.  Flying alone was to me felt like a spa day compared to everyday life.

It was a bit cloudy  going there and there was a little bit of turbulence.  Actually the plane was bumping around while I was in the bathroom.  I drank a ton of water because I was worried about the high elevation.  Which did give me a headache but thats about it.
Heres the view once it cleared up and I think right before we landed.
Once I was at the airport I had a bit of a hard time meeting up with people.  I had to ask for where two go twice before I was in the right spot.  Then it was a two hour drive to Breckenridge, where the reunion was.  I took pictures, hung out for a bit and headed back.
The view flying home was gorgeous!