Thursday, August 14, 2014

Rotary Sale

The Bainbridge Island rotary sale has become one of our families favorite things to do.  For those who don't know it is a gigantic garage sale.  The whole town donates things from boats and cars to children's toys and everything in-between.  Then they fill a local school with it all and sell everything.  We always get amazing deals and have a fun time.  This year they received $466,793.37 in cash!  So that can just give you an idea how much stuff they sell.

This year we got there early and parked at a local church then road a free shuttle.  Previously we've always walked a long way because the road parking is full for blocks.  But this shuttle was so much easier.  I took a picture of the crowed before they let everyone it.  What black friday is to shopping is what this rotary sale is to garage sales.
I was a little worried someone would get lost so our family dressed in Neon yellow.  It worked really well.  Bob and I split up so it even helped us find each other a few times.  Luckily no one did get lost, but if they did I would not only be able to spot them easily but I could describe to others exactly what they were wearing.  And they would have an easier time spotting mom and dad as well.

 I love going through the furniture.  And I got this adorable bench the girls are sitting on and the black chair you can see in the background.  Each was $1.  I also scored a nice desk for only $5 unfortunately it doesn't fit in our house so I will just resell it.  In the picture the desk is behind Penelope's head.  Bob got a nice helmet and a drill press for only $20.  And we let each of the kids pick out one toy.
 Afterward we were all hungry so we went to Sluy's bakery for donuts.

Can't wait for next years sale.  I seriously wish I had a bigger house just so I could get more furniture from this sale.

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