Friday, August 15, 2014

Tooth Monster Pillow

The tooth fairy seems to have a problem at our house with forgetting to come, waking up kids and loosing teeth.  So I decided to help her out and make this tooth fairy tooth monster pillow.  A tooth monster is much more fun for boys then the tooth fairy anyway.   Your child can hang the pillow on his door bed post or just stick it on his bed with a tooth in the monsters mouth when they go to sleep.  And magically the monster eats the tooth and turns it into money, or maybe gives it to the tooth fairy and she replaces it with money.  Either way I love it because I can get to it so much easier than feeling around under his pillow and it is way less likely to get lost.

I really wanted a pillow like this for my kids and there are tons on etsy so after looking I decided that I could make one easy enough.  It only took me about two hours and I already had everything needed.

Materials Needed:
3  8" squares of fabric (I used thin cotton but wanted it a bit thicker and doubled mine up, although it isn't necessary and for the sake of the tutorial I'm acting like they weren't doubled)
2 2" circles of contrasting fabric (I recommend felt or jersey so it doesn't fray)
1 8" strip of white felt ( I also doubled this up)
 2 15" pieces of Ribbon burned on one end
2 buttons
Sewing Machine and Thread

 1) After you gather your materials the first step is to sew the circles onto the front of one of your squares. I placed mine about a half inch apart just above the middle.  Use a zig zag stitch.  I liked showing the thread so I used white but you can hide it and match the color if you want.
 2) Next take your felt and cut teeth by making a zigzag.  Make sure your zig zags leaves some space under them to sew onto the mouth. Then take a different square, fold it in half leaving right sides out and along the folded part place the teeth behind it and sew them together.

A different way to do this would be to sew the teeth on the inside and flip it inside out but that isn't how I did it this time.
 3) Place your mouth piece (with teeth) on top of your eye piece then sew it right on top.  Sew around three sides leaving the teeth side alone so it can hold things.
 4) Hand sew the buttons in the center of the circles completing the eyes.
 5) Sew it all together by taking the back and front squares place them facing in so the right sides are together.  Put your ribbons in also so they are by the face (you might need to bunch them a bit)  The ends should be sticking out of the top, I angled mine a bit too.  Then pin and sew all the way around leaving a two inch gap at the bottom.
 6) Turn it right side out.  It should look almost done.
7) Stuff it with whatever you like.  I took apart an old stuffed animal and used it's insides.

8) Hand stitch the last seem and you are done!

Tucker loves this pillow I only wish I made it sooner!