Wednesday, September 17, 2014


We picked these blueberries a few weeks ago when Ben and Erik (Bob's brother and friend) were here.  I love that we can just go back in the woods somewhere and score all these berries.  I'm not sure how much exactly but the big bowl looks like it was a little more than 6 quarts.  I took this after we ate a bunch, not counting the fact that we were all eating them the entire time we were picking.  I think we were picking for about an hour, but I didn't time it.
The kids loved picking with us.  Scarlett and Leon were happy as long as they got enough berries to eat.  And I was surprised at how many berries Tucker and Penelope were able to pick and save to bring home.

Now we just need to hurry and get some blackberries before they are all gone.

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