Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Do the Puyallup

Opening weekend we headed down to Puyallup for the fair.  The kids were so excited about it and really had a good time.  I planed several things to do that I looked up on the internet.  Unfortunately I was looking at someones blog post from last year and so none of those things were even going on.  Nobody was too disappointed though.
There are so many free things to do the only thing we really spend money on is food.  And that is mostly for me and Bob, we pack sandwiches and snacks for the kids.  A lot of things cost a lot of money but we just avoid the ride area and do ok.  The kids love this little tractor area.
Penelope told me that Scarlett got the pink one last year so it was her turn.
Next was face/arm painting.  They used a spray this time instead of doing them by hand.  The line went so quickly, it was great.
The animals and the petting zoo is always a main attraction for us.
We even did the free fishing.  Everyone got to catch their own fish.  It was funny because each child had an adult helper but right when Tucker's helper walked off for a minute Tucker caught a fish.  He did a good job holding on until the guy got back.  It was funny.  He was excited that he caught one "all by himself."
Here is a picture of Scarlett when she caught a fish.  They weren't that into the fishing.  Penelope's helper was really good and pulled the fish very close to her.  He even convinced all the kids to touch it.  I was surprised that the girls did it.
Tucker was very happy that he hit both the target and the animal.  Last time he did archery he missed and was disappointed about it.  I helped Penelope and Scarlett and they hit the target too :)
Bob was able to get a big hunk of meat to eat.
I didnt get any pictures but we also spent a lot of time walking through the buildings and seeing all the vendors.  The kids loved trying to find booths with candy.  I bought a little hand warmer and we all got to meet the guy who named the SeaHawks.  Lets see what else... oh we watched a tap dancing show.  Leon was really funny because he was just dancing right along.

I wish we could go during the week while it isn't as crowded but I just don't want to take Tucker out of school for the fair.  If only we had a no school day for the fair like I had while growing up in Puyallup.

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