Monday, September 15, 2014

Seattle Visit

Before Ben and Erik went back to school we did an impromptu trip over to Seattle to show them around.  It was very last minute and right after we decided we wanted to do it we saw that the next ferry left in half and hour and it was like 2 more hours to the next.  So we ran around like crazy trying to get everyone ready to go and then after parking we literally ran to make it onto the ferry.  I thought there was no way we could possibly make it, but somehow we did.  And I was glad.
Not surprisingly the kids loved the ferry.   I sat just inside and Bob was outside and they just love running back and forth.  It was freezing and very windy out and I think that is why they kept running back it.  Her's a pic of Ben and Erik, it was about 10 and the sky hadn't cleared up yet.

 We mostly just walked around the market and even down to the space needle.
I always want to buy the flowers but then I don't want to carry them around so I don't.  They are just so beautiful and such a good deal.
The kids loved looking at the fish.  It has been a while since we took them to Seattle and I'm not sure if even Tucker remembered much from before.
This fish totally looked real.  There is a sign that says to "Come Closer," and when people do a guy behind the counter makes it move.  It was hilarious watching people jump.
 We made our contributions to the gum wall.

 Tucker even got to help out in a magic act.
Going to Seattle right after we went to New York just reminded me how much I love Seattle.  The weather is great and even the air just felt so much fresher (if that makes any sense).  The streets were cleaner and we saw more street performers in just a couple hours then we did the whole time in New York (not to mention everyone was fully clothed and we weren't forced to look at obnoxious billboards).  It does take a bit of an effort to get the family over there but I'm glad we went!

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