Tuesday, September 9, 2014


New York already seems like so long ago and I'm not done posting about it yet.

We went to the Metropolitan Museum of art.  Did you know you can pay what you want?  I felt weird not paying the full $25 each (I'm not sure if that was the price but it was close) but I really didn't want to pay $50 so we didn't.  I'm glad too because we didn't end up staying very long.  It was gigantic and Bob and I just weren't that into it so we walked around, looked at art, got lost, used their bathrooms, asked for help finding the entrance, asked for help again, and left.

I did want to get a picture with one famous painting though.
After that we headed over to central park.  We rented bikes so we could see the whole thing.  It was the perfect size for us to ride around.  We would haven't been able to see very much of it if we walked.
Bob really enjoys biking but I haven't ridden a bicycle since we dated and I was getting pretty tired going up the hills.  Luckily Bob was patient with me and I made it ok.  As you can tell it was beautiful and the weather was perfect.
Next we headed over to the Brooklyn Bridge.  I really wanted to walk across it. So that is what we did.  They are replacing all the metal one piece at a time without shutting the bridge down.  We could see where they were at.

The view of the city was great and I wanted to see it at night so we hung out on the bridge for about an hour.  This next picture is of the other bridge next to the Brooklyn Bridge.

It was late by the time we got home.  It seemed like our nights kept getting later and our mornings kept getting earlier.  There was just so much to do I didn't want to waste any time sleeping.

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