Wednesday, September 10, 2014


We woke up early Thursday morning to be on the Kelly and Michael show.  We had tickets to be in the audience and aside from waiting a very long time to start we had a lot of fun.  We ended up staying for two screenings.  The first show we sat in the front of the balcony.  I liked this seat because we could see everything pretty well.
Kelly wasn't there so the guest host was Rebecca Romijn.  One of the guests was the guy off the Giver.  I loved the book and can't wait to see the movie.  We also saw Meghan Trainer perform.
For the next show I sat in the very front row.  It was neat because I got to high five the guests as they ran in.  I also got to be on camera several times.  What I didn't like was how many employees were blocking me from seeing.  The camera crew and producers are right up in front the entire time you just can't see them on tv.
This time the cohost was Kate Upton and the guests were Will Arnet and Nick Canon.
Once we got out I was starving and stopped at Wafels and Dinges for a delicious but pricy waffle.
I ate the entire thing before Bob got done ordering his food from a different vendor.
The temple is about a block away so we headed over for a session.  It was nice to be able to just go without worrying about finding a sitter.  Aside from being right on the main street with no grass this temple was pretty different because different floors of the temple were used for different things.  It seemed like the entire bottom floor was used for something not temple related.
Next we did a bit more sight seeing while waiting for our broadway show to start.  Here is the world's largest store.  It is a Macys that is several stories high and takes up the entire block.
Here is the Hershey's store.  We didn't buy anything, but the free samples were pretty good.
I was surprised that I didn't see way more street performers.  Mostly we just saw these guys spray painting NYC pictures.  They were neat and some of the artists were better than others.
I think we ate at another yummy brick oven pizza place for dinner then it was off to our show.  We saw "A Gentleman's Guide."  Bob and I both really liked it and thought it was funny. It was a comedy about a guy in jain writing his last memoir.  It was so hard to choose a show but I'm glad we picked this one.  I asked a worker for advice on a PG show and she recommended this one.  I'm glad I didn't say PG-13 because this show was definitely PG-13 and who knows what he would have recommended.
We got half price tickets and they show was almost sold out so Bob and I did not get to sit by each other.  So I took a picture of him from my seat.  Can you find him?  We both could see really well and thought we had good seats.
Bob is tiny and dead center in the picture.  He has a red shirt on that you can see a tiny bit of.
It was once again late when we got back but I wouldn't have changed a thing.


Jacquelyn said...

"guy" not "guy"

what is a "Dinges"?

"now grass"? no grass?

"the show", not "they show"

I found Bob.

Jacquelyn said...

guy not "guys"