Thursday, September 11, 2014


We spent most of one day down at Coney Island.  I really wanted just a relaxing day at the beach with Bob.  It didn't go quite how I planned but I'm still glad we went.
First we had subway issues and it took us 2 hours to get there.  Then after laying in the sand a bit and going to the water once we went to Famous Nathans hot dog stand.  I was so thirsty I got a giant lemonade but after drinking a bit I started to feel really sick.  I think I was dehydrated and then just overloaded myself with sugar.  So I felt really horrible for about an hour and I really didn't want to go back.  So we sat in the Duncan Donuts for a while in the AC.  After a bit I started to get back to normal and we went back to the beach.  It was fun to actually go in the water together.  Normally whenever we go somewhere with water one of us will be on the shore with kids and the other in the water with kids.   I loved that we had one not so busy day.

We did go to the Coney Island Sideshow and then ate dinner at a fancy restaurant in Brooklyn.  The side show was different and I don't think Bob or I particularly liked it.  But it only cost five dollars and I'm glad we had the experience.
This next picture is Bob in Grand Central Station.  We kind of stumbled upon it by accident.  It just happened to be the closets subway.  It is gigantic!  I had no idea.
This last one is totally a random picture of me on the street with Marge Simpson.

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