Thursday, October 16, 2014

Apple Cider Squeeze

Last weekend we went with my parents to a fall festival where we got to make our own cider.  They were practically giving these pumkins away so we got another one.   We now have four.  It was kind of hard to choose one together as a family so I just picked.  I almost broke down and let them each pick their own.  But then I knew they would each want to carve their own pumkin and that would have taken hours.
Leon was munching on an apple that was supposed to be made into cider.
We had to wait a bit for our turn but when it came I thought it was worth it.
The kids especially loved throwing the apples in to be smashed up.
Bob made turning the wheel way easier than it actually was.  I kept getting it stuck on the hard green apples.  Everyone had to wait while I wound it back and tried again.
Next we had to smush the apple pieces by turning the top.

And lastly pouring the apple cider into the containers.
It was amazing how many apples it takes to fill up one gallon.  That night we all enjoyed a warm cup of cider while watching Hotel Transylvania. 

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Talitha said...

It was fun for us to. I haven't drank mine yet though. I would totally do it again.