Thursday, October 23, 2014

Ballet Class

Last week Penelope and Scarlett had their first ballet class.  We were all so excited.  I had their outfits all planned, Penelope got ballet clothes for her birthday so she had a complete outfit but I had to kind of find stuff for Scarlett.  It was tough to convince her that she couldn't wear pink (something I felt bad about when we got to class and saw that all the other girls were in pink), but I did it and found some dance clothes for her too.  We were getting ready early because I wanted to have time to do their hair in perfect ballerina buns; a difficult task when Scarlett's hair is only one inch long in places.  I also planned on being there early to take pictures when I decided to check the time one more again.  Good thing I did because I had the times wrong and it started in 5 minutes.  I was so upset!  The class was only 30 minutes long so to miss 10 minutes (would have been 5 but the entrance lady was being a pain) felt like a lot.  At least we were getting ready early and were still able to make it.
Here they are in there adorable costumes.  They absolutely loved it!  It was the cutest thing ever.  And I'm so proud of them for doing their best.  There were two little girls in the class who were too scared and ended up crying for half of it and then leaving.  I've been there and it isn't fun, so I was so happy that that wasn't my girls this time.
The only thing I didn't like about the class, aside from it being short, is that there is another Scarlett in her class.  What are the chances of that?  I know the name is getting popular but it really bugs me.
You can see Scarlett got some air.
I love how Penelope and Scarlett both have their hands on their hips and are pointing their toes.

Here is a video of the class. 
This next one they are supposed to freestyle dance.  When she paused the music they were supposed to freeze.  It was funny because these little girls love Frozen so much when someone tells them to freeze they stick the hand out and make noises like they are freezing them.  I turned off the video because the dancing kind of turned into running around in circles.
I'm glad we put our girls in dance maybe when Leon is old enough he can join them.  


Sarah said...

Elly started taking a dance class in September and you're right it's the most adorable thing ever!

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