Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Swimming Lessons

We signed up for the YMCA.  I've wanted to for a long time but have been holding out because it is so expensive and for me to ever work out I'd need to put the kids in child care which is a couple more dollars per child per hour.  Not worth it to me.  But we really wanted to sign our children up for swimming lessons.  The lessons that we did before and loved are $50 per child.  Now that we wanted to put three in it is cheaper to get a Y membership.  So we signed up, and we are going to get the most out of it we can, even though I won't be going to work out all the time.

Their first swimming lesson was last week.  We went ahead and put them in the lowest level class for their ages.  That put Scarlett and Penelope in the same class called Pike.  Tucker is in the 6-12 Pollywog class.

This was Scarlett's first ever swimming lessons and she loved it!  She got right in and did whatever the teacher said with a big smile on her face.  It was really good that She was in the same class with Penelope because even though Penelope did lessons before she was scared and hesitant.  A few times she told the teacher no and wouldn't do something, then the teacher would move on to the other children and after Scarlett did it then Penelope would do it too.  Penelope is probably a bit better then Scarlett at doing the stuff but she is much more hesitant.  This is different from her other lessons because they have to hang on to the wall and they can't touch the bottom.  Plus there is only one teacher and six kids.  Not at all the best ratio for beginners who are scared and clinging to the teacher, but it is cheaper then the other lessons, so I guess you get what you pay for.
Above is a picture of Scarlett and Penelope just after they were told to slide in at the very beginning. Penelope needed a little encouragement (scolding and mouthing that she better get in the water) from me.

Next is Tucker's class.  He did great and loved it, just like we thought he would.  Most of his class hasn't been showing up so there has only been 3 kids each time which is great.   He does whatever the teacher says and tries his best to get it down.
Meanwhile during swimming lessons Bob and Leon played in the shallow part of the pool the whole time.  I was a bit surprised that Leon went near the water, but he did and he even went down the small slide.  I think for our next lesson we are going to try to get there early and let the kids play in the water a few minutes before the lessons start.

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