Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Point Defiance Zoo

We haven't taken the kids to the zoo in a long time so on Monday we decided to go.  It was perfect because Bob and Tucker had the day off for Columbus day.  But that isn't a holiday everyone gets off so it was pretty empty.  Plus it looked like it was going to rain even though it didn't.  I don't think I've ever seen so few people there.  It was great.
They had Halloween decorations up and I thought these next signs were funny.
When we saw the polar bears they were growling and it looked like fighting with each other.  I'm not sure if that is normal for them or not, but it was pretty exciting for us.  We were the only ones in the exhibit and the kids started getting really scared.
It is crazy how big these guys are.

The aquarium is always a favorite.

Then off to the kids play land.  We tried to see most of the keeper talks so we were kind of bouncing back and forth around the zoo.  It was worth it though.  I love to see them feed the animals and hear what they have to say about them.
The kids would have been happy here the entire day.
The tigers were my favorite.  They are just so beautiful.
They even said they have baby tigers but they are so young they aren't out for people to see yet.  I remember when they had two tiger cubs and we saw them.  It was so fun because they just jumped around and climbed all over each other.
At the elephant exhibit we learned all about the two major species of elephat and now I want to see the other one to compare.  Our zoo only has the Asian elephants.
These peacocks are always roaming around, but this time one followed us back to our car.  We had to kind of send him away to back out.  It was neat to see one up so close.  It would have been neater if he opened up his feathers but we weren't that lucky.
It was such a nice fun family day.  The point defiance zoo is pretty small and about an hour away.  I'd like to take the kids about once a year.  So it's not quite worth it for us to get an annual membership.  It was a perfect way to get the kids ready for their Halloween costumes.  The kids are each going to be an animal and Bob and I the zoo keepers.

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