Thursday, October 9, 2014

DIY Cardboard Box Castle

For Penelope's princess party I really wanted her to have a castle.  So Bob and I made this cardboard box castle for her and it was basically free.  All we had to buy was the packing tape.  This tutorial wil explain how to build your own cardboard box castle.

Materials Needed:
3 or 4 Gigantic cardboard boxes (We used oven size, but refrigerator size is best.  I got some boxes from friends and others from stores.  We got our biggest ones from behind Lowes.  Most stores are willing to give you their used boxes for free, just make sure to turn them inside out so they look nice and uniform.)
2-4 Large boxes for the tunnels and archway
Packing Tape
Sharp knife

1) The first step is to plan your castle.  We decided to do three towers and one tunnel.  If I had more space I would do 4 tours and three tunnels connecting the towers.  In this next picture you can see the tunnel.  Don't forget to plan the door openings and windows. I used one opened up box for the front arch of the castle.

2) Next just get out your knife and start cutting.  I hate cutting cardboard this is the hardest and most time consuming step.  After the first top I used it as a pattern so they all matched.  Make sure you do the doors on the correct sides.

3) Lastly just tape it together and you are done!  You just bought yourself hours of child entertainment for practically nothing.

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