Wednesday, October 29, 2014

How to Host a Murder

Last weekend we hosted a dinner murder mystery party.  We went to one a few years ago and thought it was really fun and wanted to do it again.  The theme was An Affair to Dismember.  I loved it because all the characters were based off of monsters.
Bob and I were Balihi- The Rogersandhammerstein Monster and Lizzie Bordeaux- the Gothic business women suspected of murdering her parents.  Notice my giant engagement ring and Bob's neck bolts?
We also had Angela Deth, DDS and Hannibal Schecter.
Glumda, The Wicked Witch of DePressed and Asthmadeus, The Prince of Dimness
And lastly Aretha Garlique and The Mummy of King Aldrinktotat.
The party went really well and we figured most of the mystery out.  I would love to do it again next year and we still have the game if anyone would like to trade or just have it.


Talitha said...

I hosted one along time ago and loved it. I've
been wanting to do another one, just trying to find the time.

Katherine Crabtree said...

You look gorgeous!