Tuesday, October 28, 2014


A couple weeks ago Tucker started basket ball.  Earlier this year he said he didn't want to do soccer because he wanted to do basketball.  I thought he might be too little for it but so far he loves it.  I never played basketball growing up but I think it is a good sport where he can get a good work out and learn to be around other kids.
He had a couple coaches his first week, but this girl seemed like the main one and she was really good.  They said we could leave and pick him up in an hour but Bob stayed the whole time anyway.  Everything went well so the next time I was going to leave him but that teacher I liked wasn't there.  I didn't really feel like the other teacher would notice if Tucker was missing so I stayed and luckily this teacher showed up 15 minutes late and I was able to go.  Part of me felt like I was being over protective because there was only one other parent there.  But they were all strangers and I'd rather be on the safe side.
Tucker was funny when they ran back and forth across the gym.  They did things like "high knees" and "grape vine."  Tucker didn't really know how to do them so he just went very slowly and kept trying.  I mean all the other kids were down and back before Tucker was even down.  It was funny to me because the other kids who didn't get it just tried and ended up running normally but tucker just went slow and smiled at everyone while they waited for him to finish.  He didn't seem embarrassed the slightest bit.

Tucker said his favorite part was at the beginning when they just got to play and shoot baskets while they waited for everyone arrive.  I hope he sticks with it and keeps enjoying it.

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Gayle Daly said...

I think it is Fantastic that Tucker is so comfortable with himself and that he doesn't seem embarrassed to work at his own speed. That is awesome! I hope it continues. That is a great quality.