Monday, November 24, 2014

Primary Program 2014

Our ward did their primary program just before Halloween.  Somehow I forgot to post about it and just found these videos.  It went so well this year!  It was my first year since we've had kids in the program that I wasn't sitting up with the kids helping out.  I'm in nursery now so I got to sit with Bob, Scarlett, and Leon and watch everything.  They were so cute!

I was nervous about Penelope doing her part because last year, her first year, she got too scared and wouldn't say it, then she went home and threw up.  So to help her feel more comfortable we went a couple days early and let her practice in the chapel.  It worked great.  She did her part and said she wan't even scared.  Here is a video of her part right before church the morning of.

She says: I'm grateful that Jesus created the moon.  The children got to help pick out their parts.

Tucker also did well on his part.  It was semi-long so I didn't make him memorize it.  Check it out.

He wasn't the most excited about practicing it again for the video.

I love watching the primary program.  It is probably my favorite sacrament meeting of the year.

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