Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Rock Climbing

We went rock climbing again.  Tucker has been practically begging to go again after that first time.  I think he really wanted to make it up the meduim wall like his sister.
One of the climbing instructors was different this time and for some reason Penelope was not loving her.  I don't know why she was very nice and smiley.  But Penelope refused to talk to her and for a while she couldn't climb until she said the commands.  I had to walk over and make her say it.  I thought it was so weird but she was being shy I guess.
We went during the day this time so the lighting was so much better for pictures.
Penelope breezed through the easy wall but got scared at the top on her first try.  Luckily no one had to climb up and get her this time.  She moved on to do the medium a couple times.
Tucker did the medium wall on his first try with no problems and he moved onto the medium hard wall.  It looked hard to me but he did a good job.  He was so close to the top two times that it was so hard to watch him quit.  I just know he wanted to make it so bad.
Oh well maybe next time.
This wall had cracks and crevices he had to hold onto instead of the regular hand holds.
In the next picture you can see how high Tucker got.  It was a tough spot, that I doubt I could ever do.
Ok, I'll stop bombarding you with rock climbing pictures.  I probably won't even go next time.  Scarlett and Leon are too young to climb and it is easier sometimes to just stay home with them instead of making them sit and watch.

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