Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Time Out For Women

Last weekend I went down to Portland for a Time Out for Women.  It was my first time going and I had a lot of fun.  We had pretty decent seats and we got to meet lots of the speakers afterwards.  My kids kept asking my why I was leaving and getting a time out.  I had to explain that sitting and listening to other grown ups speak can be fun and that it isn't a long horrible punishment.
The weather was great on Friday and so was the drive.  The ride seemed to go fast because we were chatting away.
Here we are at the little photo booth they set up.
On the first night we saw a few speakers and some musical acts.  Basically the entire conference went like this.  A couple thousand women sitting in one giant room listening while a speaker would talk, then they would do a few songs, then more speakers, then more songs.  Add a few breaks in there and you have TOFW.  Above is a picture of us with Josh Wright.  He is the amazing pianist who inspired me to get back to practicing the piano a bit more.  And below is a picture of us with Sandra Turley.  She used to sing on broadway and had a lot of fun songs.
Next is a picture of Tamu and Zandra.  They were hilarious and I was cracking up the entire time they spoke.
Below is us with Mercy River.  I've heard a few of their songs before and was excited to see them.  
The last picture is of me and Mari.  She wasn't a speaker but I met her there and she totally made my day.  She reads this blog and recognized me.  I've never had that happen to me before and was beyond excited to meet her!  Thanks Mari for reading this blog, and for speaking up, and for taking our picture at the photo booth!  Oh, and I like the outfit you had on.
There were a few more speakers but I didn't get pictures with them all.  I learned a lot and felt very uplifted and inspired.  It was great to be able to go I can't wait till next year in Seattle.

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Gayle Daly (Waldron) said...

I love that you were recognized by a blog follower! I'm happy you were able to go to TOFW. It's a great pick me up!!!