Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Black Friday

I love getting good deals, so of course we went shopping on black Friday.  We didn't get anything major, just socks, clothes, and a couple christmas presents for the kids.  I didn't see any craziness this year and I'm thankful for that.  The stores had plenty of what I wanted and although they were crowded they weren't insane.  Bob and I try hard to only get what we were planning on getting and not impuls buying.  We almost got one of these tvs because they were such a good day.  Do we need another tv? No.  Do we even have room for another tv? No.
Once everyone was up we took the kids to Fred Meyer for free donuts and more socks.  They loved the free donuts!

After that we headed to rite aid and bought out all their mint m&ms.  They were $2 a piece with a dollar rebate for your first two!  We took everything off the shelf.  Hopefully they will last me through Christmas ;).  Then to the mall.  I could have spent forever there, but clothes shopping with kids can be super difficult.  So we only went to JC Penny's and Sears and got a few things we saw in the ad.
I feel like black Friday shopping has been getting a bad rap lately.  I go out anyway.  I think it is fun. 

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DerrK said...

I LOVE the mint M&Ms too! I have already finished off a few bags since I saw them a month ago. haha! Smart purchase!