Friday, December 12, 2014

Oh Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree

This year we went and cut down our first ever live Christmas tree.  I've always had a fake one growing up so I was really excited.  Here the kids are looking around for the perfect tree.  I really like the nobel firs with the big gaps and since we already put up or fake tree we wanted something small.
The kids had so much fun running around through the trees.  Even Leon thought he needed to step up onto every little stump he saw.
We saw this one right away and liked it.  But we wanted to see if there was something better so we got back in the car and drove around.  Then we walked around more and ended up coming back to this first one.
Bob brought his electric saw to make cutting it down faster.

We are on a hill in this picture so the size is misleading.  The tree actually goes just below my shoulder.  I wouldn't have mind going even smaller but all the smaller ones weren't for sale.  I think they wanted to let them grow some more.

Afterward they had this cute little apple cider house with the best view!  We had to get some free cider and take pictures.Sometimes I think it is so expensive and rainy here, but it really is beautiful!  There are some things I love about living in the Pacific Northwest, like all the pretty trees.
Here it is all decked out in our house.
Just kidding.  All our decorations are already on our other tree.  I like it how it is.  I'm still in awe that we have a real tree sitting in our family room.
Maybe next year we will get really crazy and just chop one down in the mountains and not at a tree farm. :)

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