Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Ward Activity

We had a ward activity last Friday night.  The Christmas dinner is always the most popular activity.  It started out with a big yummy meal.  Then they kids all got tickets and we split up into train groups and went around to different stations.  The first was pictures with santa.
Next stop, cookie making.
After that the kids got to write letters to Santa.  We don't really do santa so the've never done this before.  It was cute.
Penelope wants: Princes, Balett, Doll, and Penguin.
Even Leon was into it.
This was Scarlett's reaction right after she licked her envelope.  I guess she didn't like how it tasted.
The last stop on the train was ornament making.
AFter that we headed back to the gym for desserts.
Next they started singing the 12 days of Christmas and we went home.  It started at 6 and was 8 o'clock.  Our kids were tired and so we snuck out early.  I thought they would be done at the end of the song.  I heard it didn't end until 9 and after cleaning up people were leaving around 9:45.  

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