Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Happy New Years!

On New Year's Eve we went to a friends party.  The same friend who did one last year, I'm starting to think she should do it every year!  We had the kids wear their pajamas and we played lots of games and just hung out.  It was fun.
We did family olympics and the kids had a dance party with glow sticks.
A few minute to win it games.  This oreo thing took me ridiculously long.

Then a few fireworks and these fun lanterns.  We made a wish for the new year as we watched them fly off.  I told Bob that we should do these every year even if our friends don't end up doing the party again.
Leon loved the sparklers this year.  He just swung that thing around like crazy and every time it ran out he got very anxious about getting another one.
Then we brought the kids in for an early "midnight" toast and sent them downstairs to watch a movie.

My kids stayed up then whole time and were crazy.  I think we got home around one.  I ate lots of good food so I wasn't surprised that I wasn't feeling well when we got home.  The bad part was I woke up at 3 and spent the night in the bathroom throwing up.  It was horrible!  I threw up every half hour for a while.  At one point I wondered how many people were in the bathroom throwing up at 4am on New Years Day and I figured probably a lot.

I was sick the whole next day but started feeling better after that.  Then Leon threw up, then on Saturday Penelope got sick and was throwing up.  Next it was Tucker's turn, he threw up on Sunday, meaning he couldn't go to school on Monday (because two weeks off wasn't enough).  Scarlett and Bob are the only ones left....I wonder who will get it next?

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