Friday, January 9, 2015

Yoga Class

I've been going to yoga class for a few months now.  Tucker has been signed up for basketball at the ymca and the times work out perfectly that my yoga class starts right after basketball and ends at the same time.  On Wednesday I brought Penelope to Yoga with me.  For frontier girls they have a yoga badge and bringing her to class fulfilled one of the requirements.  I've never seen any kids in there before but we practiced a little bit at home and I knew she would do fine.  I even told her that if she gets bored or tired she can just lay down and take a nap.  Because of the winter break and getting sick we talked about going for about a month before she actually got to go.  By the time Wednesday came around she was very excited.
We even painted our toenails because we don't wear shoes for yoga.
I got their early so we could set up in the back corner so no one would notice us.  I didn't realize that the class would be twice as full.  I guess everyone wants to work out in January.  So even though we were ten minutes early we had to be in the very front row.  I've heard stories about people getting in trouble for bringing babies to the classes at the YMCA so i was worried someone would complain, but we didn't have any problems with that.

The teacher was great and even asked Penelope if she had any poses she wanted to do.  Penelope of course just smiled and didn't talk to her so I told her that Penelope knows Cat and Cow.

Penelope did so good!  She did the entire hour long class.  Even though Tucker is older I don't think he could have sat there quietly for an hour.  Sometimes it is weird for me when she is so quiet and won't talk to people when they ask her simple questions like her name.  I am always reminding myself that that is her personality, and I need to let her be herself.  She is quiet and slow to warm up around people.  I think yoga suits her perfectly.  Of course she didn't have all the moves down just right but she did just as good as many people do on their first time.  I can see her becoming really good, but I'm not going to push anything.  As for now she wants to come again next week and that is just fine with me.


Talitha said...

how cute!

Cris Mic said...

Wow! This little girl is very cute. She is doing yoga quite perfectly. You know my daughter also goes to Thousand Oaks Yoga Classes. Sometimes I also perform yoga with her. We enjoy a lot together!