Thursday, February 19, 2015

Mailbox and Antenna

Over the holiday weekend we had time to get a few extra projects done around the house.  Actually Bob did most of it, but I'm glad he had time to get it done.

This first one is our new mailbox.  Our mail has been getting stolen quit a bit and so we knew we needed a locking mailbox.  I really wanted to move our mailbox.  Right now it is in a group down the street and around the corner so we can't even see it.  Several others in our neighborhood have their own individual box at the end of their driveway and I wanted to do the same.  But after talking to the post office several times they told me that I can't do it.  I think they were just being grumpy.  I know the mail lady drives right by my house and she is on the right side of the street so it wouldn't really be a problem.  Plus it is my mailbox so I was about to just move it anyway and see what they did.  Aside from birthdays and Christmas we usually just get junk mail so I don't think I'd be too upset if they withheld the mail.  Anyway, we decided to be nice and keep it where it was in the group spot.
There it is, the big black shiny one.  I saw this combo one that locked but didn't require a key, but it kept being out of stock and once it came back it the price rose by double and it wasn't worth it to us.  Bob got the house numbers to put on the outside, but I couldn't do it.  They just didn't look nice.  Instead I put them right on the inside of the mailbox where the lady puts the mail.  I'm sure they can figure it out.
Our next project was an antenna on our roof.  We've been paying way too much for Comcast.  We get internet from them and just basic tv channels.  Instead we cut the bill in half and got century link, it isn't quit as fast but is has been able to stream Netflix.  It also doesn't come with any tv channels at all.  After researching it a bit I found out that we can still get the basic network channels for free with an antenna.  So instead of paying monthly we bought this $50 one and set it up.  It doesn't get as many as I thought it should for our area (we are pretty close to Seattle where they broadcast from) but it does get the ones I care about, PBS, FOX, ABC. and CW so I'm happy.  And it isn't that noticable from the street.
It isn't the dish on the corner, that we have never used and I think it looks bad and want to take it down.  Bob thinks we should keep it up for the next people who live in our house.  Looking at this picture you can see all the trees.  No wonder we can't keep the moss off our roof and it doesn't pick up all the channels.

The next step was to hook up the cable wires.  Bob and Tucker had to wire it under the house in the crawl space.
These two projects took most of the day so we didn't really go out and do anything fun.  But it does feel good to get things done.


Talitha said...

The post office is really picky about the mail boxes! They don't let you move it at all and idk if they will deliver w/o the numbers on the outside. Our mail box id down the street from us while the man across the street from us is in our yard...Crazy I think. Also I guess the dish company just give them away to everyone, so they always get left behind and I don't really think you need to keep it.

Talitha said...

oh yea, now I remember...You can spray vinegar on the moss to kill it. It cost way less and isn't full of chemicals!