Friday, February 20, 2015

Park Fun

We have been having amazing weather for February!  I seriously can't remember so many sunny nice days during winter before.  I do miss the snow and the fact that we didn't get any this year, but I can't complain about the sunshine.  We had nothing going on one morning so I decided to take the kids to Evergreen park to check out their new playground.
The whole thing was remodeled and it is pretty cool.  The toys are so easy to use for all ages.  I hate when I go to the park and the kids want help doing each thing.  Not here.  The kids can climb up and do mostly everything by themselves.  Even Leon.  Of course he can't do the swing alone, and he didn't want to climb up the ladder to the big slide, but I think that was it.  The teeter totter thing was one of the kids favorites.
The had lots of learning type toys.  Here is Scarlett at the musical area.

Scarlett was funny about this slide.  At first she wouldn't go down it.  Penelope went down it a few times and liked it, Leon even went down it and liked it, but Scarlett wouldn't try it.  It wasn't until later after testing everything out that I made her go down it.  After that she couldn't get enough of it.  She just kept going down again and again for about 15 minutes.  Sometimes I feel bad making my kids try toys that they don't want to, but then sometimes they love it so much that I am really glad I "convince" them to try things out.

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